Starting Kindergarten - Everything you need to know

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Another big milestone is right around the corner: your little one’s first day of school. In just a short time, they’ll discover a brand-new world as they start kindergarten. In this special edition podcast, you’ll find everything you need to tackle this important new chapter with confidence. See also a list of resources to support you in this transition in episode 14. Happy listening!
19 April 2024
Episode 1


We’re delighted to bring you a podcast dedicated to a key moment in your child’s life: starting kindergarten. Featuring the voices of Paula Costain, Geneviève Doray, Mizinga Mwinga, Adrianne Richards, and Arun Varma.

19 April 2024
Episode 2

Ready for Kindergarten!

Another big milestone is right around the corner: your little one’s first day of school. In just a short time, they’ll discover a brand-new world as they start kindergarten.

Your little one is about to enter a whole new world. Here’s a look at the main differences between daycare and kindergarten and the types of changes your child will face.

19 April 2024
Episode 4

Easing the Transition to School

There are many activities and small things that will help your child make a successful transition to kindergarten. Here's what they can do before the school year starts.

19 April 2024
Episode 5

The First Visit

Starting kindergarten is a huge milestone for both you and your child! Luckily, visiting your child’s school before classes begin will help you get ready for this new adventure.

19 April 2024
Episode 6

The Daily Routine at Kindergarten

What will a typical day or week of kindergarten be like for your child? Here’s a look at how your little one will spend each day with their friends and teacher.

19 April 2024
Episode 7

What Do Kids Learn in Kindergarten?

Don’t be surprised if your little one spends a lot of time playing in kindergarten. Children learn a lot through play! Find out what skills your child will develop in kindergarten at ages 4 and 5.

19 April 2024
Episode 8

Teaming Up with Your Child’s Teacher

Working together with your child’s teacher can help your child integrate into kindergarten more easily. But where do you start?

19 April 2024
Episode 9

Daycare, Transportation and Lunch

There are several things to plan before your child starts kindergarten. Will they go to daycare? Will they take the school bus? What will happen at lunchtime? It’s best to find out as much as you can so you can plan ahead.

19 April 2024
Episode 10

Child and Parent Fears

Starting kindergarten and entering the “big kid” world can trigger a number of fears—both for children and for their parents. Here’s how to overcome them.

19 April 2024
Episode 11

Learning to Like School!

As a parent, you have an important role to play in helping your child enjoy school. Every day, with the little things you do, you can instill a thirst for learning and help your child adjust to kindergarten.

Everything’s set. Your child is about to start school! Here are some tips from kindergarten teachers to help your child get through these first days of class.

19 April 2024
Episode 13

10 Q&A for a Healthy Start to School!

What aspects of your child’s health should you have checked before the start of kindergarten? How can you help make sure your little one is in the best shape for school? Find out by reading the following answers to 10 frequently asked questions.

19 April 2024
Episode 14

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