Ma grossesse: a pregnancy notification system

Ma grossesse: a pregnancy notification system
Ma grossesse is a service which helps pregnant women find a health care professional quickly.

The goal of the Ma grossesse service is to help pregnant women quickly find a health care professional and get access to free services tailored to their needs.

By quickly identifying mothers with particular needs and helping them access the right services, the program hopes to reduce the risk of complications during pregnancy and make a positive impact on children’s development.

Who should use the service?

All pregnant women can register for Ma grossesse.

Pregnant women who require specialized services will be contacted by a worker from the CISSS or CIUSSS in their region. This includes women in the following circumstances:

  • Women with no health care professional to monitor their pregnancy
  • Women in a difficult situation or who need help
  • Women who cannot afford to eat well
  • Women who want to know what services are available free of charge in their area

How do I register?

Women are encouraged to fill out the online registration form as soon as they learn they are pregnant. The form is available in 11 languages, and interpreter services can be provided. Women who need help filling out the form can call their CLSC, and a worker will do it for them.

The form will be forwarded to the appropriate parties in their region, who will identify the needs of each woman. Registrants will then receive a message describing the services offered free of charge at their CLSC, such as prenatal appointments and breastfeeding support.

A health insurance card is not required to complete the form. Pregnant women who do not have a RAMQ card will be referred to the appropriate services for their situation.

Things to keep in mind

  • The goal of the Ma grossesse service is to help women get quick access to care and services to support their pregnancy.
  • All pregnant women are welcome to submit the online registration form.
  • Pregnant women with particular needs will be contacted by a worker from their CISSS or CIUSSS.


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April 2022

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