Books according to age

When introduced early on, books become a source of fun and enjoyment. In addition to being fascinating toys, they are also a source of comfort that strengthens the parent-child bond.

0-12 months old

  • Babies discover books through their senses. Let them touch, smell and even chew on them.
  • Choose cardboard, texture or picture books.
  • Show your baby pictures, especially of other babies, and describe them.

1-3 years old

  • Initiate your child to the actions associated with reading, such as how to hold a book and turn the pages.
  • Re-read your child’s favourite stories oft en so that she learns words and remembers them.
  • Stop your reading from time to time to ask your child questions. Th is will teach her how to listen and understand better.

3-5 years old

  • Ask your child to imagine the continuation of the story you just read.
  • Highlight the baby-friendly images so that your baby starts to “photograph” the simple words that are part of his daily routine. Th is is the fi rst step to learning how to read.
  • Th e pictures and stories let your child imagine himself there: this will help him tell you about what he’s experiencing through what he sees happening in the book
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