Having fun on rainy days

Having fun on rainy days
It’s grey outside? That’s no reason to get bored! Here are some ideas to have fun with your child even on a rainy day.

It’s grey outside? That’s no reason to get bored! Here are some ideas to have fun with your child even on a rainy day.

0 to 12 months

Obstacle course

When your baby starts crawling on all fours, you can get him to follow his stuffed animal through an obstacle course. For example, have him crawl over a pillow, under a chair, over a broom lying on the floor, through a tunnel made from a big box opened at both ends, and so forth.

Baby gym

Roll two towels together and lay your baby flat on his tummy on the length of the roll (his head, chest and thighs resting on the roll). Rock him gently from side to side holding on to him firmly. Sing, talk and smile for your baby while you play.

Moving day

Put some toys (plastic or wooden kitchen accessories, blocks, stuffed animals, rattles, etc.) into a box or big bowl. Place an empty box next to it. Then show your child how he can “pack his toys” by transferring them from one container to the other.

1 to 3 years


Place balls, socks, small stuffed animals and other soft toys on a large towel. Have each of you hold an end of the towel and “make popcorn” by shaking it until all the objects fall to the floor. Pick them up and throw them into a large bowl placed about 60 cm from your child. And there you go; the popcorn is ready!

Living stories

Read a book with your child as though it were a theatrical play. Mime the actions and use expression and different tones of voice to play each character. Ask your child to make noises and to say certain lines if he’s already familiar with the story.

Tightrope wonder

Push furniture against the wall to make some space. Trace a straight line on the floor with masking tape, a rope or a string of wool. Take turns walking the tightrope with your child. Play the game again tracing a zigzag instead.

3 to 5 years

Riddle fun

In a room, choose an object in your head that is in clear view for everyone. Ask your child to guess what it is by giving him a clue. If necessary, give him other clues until he guesses right. Then switch roles.

Ball trivia

Choose a category (colours, animals, fruits, toys, etc.). Then, either sitting or standing opposite your child, about one metre apart, have fun throwing a ball to each other. The one who catches the ball names an object from the chosen category before throwing the ball back. For example, name a different animal each time you or your child catches the ball. Choose a different category after a couple of turns.

Move like me

Ask your child to follow you and imitate your movements. The idea is to move around the house in all kinds of different ways: jumping, crouched, on your heels, raising your knees and so forth. Make arm movements as well. Then switch roles. If it’s just a little drizzle outside, put on your raincoats and rain boots and play the same game outside.