Fathers speak up

Fathers speak up
How do fathers see their role? What makes them happy? What brings them closer to their children?

How do fathers see their role? What makes them happy? What brings them closer to their children? Some fathers share their thoughts.

 “What completes me as a father is seeing my daughter grow and assert her personality. I’m also fascinated by her capacity for wonder. The other day, she observed a ladybug for half an hour. And I love seeing her break into a smile and run into my arms when I pick her up at daycare.”
Patrick Denoncourt, father to 2-year-old Charlie-Ann and author of Attention : Papa droit devant!
 “My girlfriend and I often talk about what it takes to be a good father and a good mother. For her, a good father is someone who’s available for his child. I agree, and I’ve accepted to free up my busy schedule over the next few years. As a father, I also want to protect my child, without overprotecting him.”
Charles Huteau, father-to-be and author of the French webcomic Les 9 derniers mois de ta vie de petit con (The last nine months of your life as a moron).
 “Taking care of a child and giving her life tools is a huge responsibility. But it’s also a source of pride and an incredible opportunity to play an important role in someone’s life. What I find difficult, however, is how little time you have for yourself. I sometimes miss waking up in the morning without being in a rush, with enough time to sip a cup of coffee slowly while reading the newspaper…”
Jean-François Quessy, father to 4-year-old Zachaël and 2-year-old Éli-Noam, blogger for naîtreetgrandir.com.
 “I was raised without a father, and that was hard on me. My children are my priority and I give them a lot of love and time. I love watching how my son overcomes obstacles. The other day, he wanted something I had in my hands. He took another object and suggested a trade. I can still see his self-satisfied smile because he managed to get what he wanted!”
Stephen Mant, father to 3-year-old Cedrick and 2-month-old Carla.

  • Fathers play an important role in a child’s development.
  • An involved father helps his child react well to unexpected situations, develop creativity, become more independent and build self-esteem.
  • In cases of separation, it’s important that both parents work together and actively participate in raising their young child.
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Source: Magazine Naître et grandir, September 2015
Research and copywriting: Nathalie Vallerand
Scientific review: Daniel Paquette, Professor, Department of Educational Psychology, Université de Montréal

Photo credit: Maxim Morin