Support that counts

Support that counts
Don’t forget, too, that your parents are also there for you. They can provide a sympathetic ear…

When Geneviève gave birth to her twins, her parents gave her a helping hand while she recovered. They did the laundry, housecleaning and meals, and they helped care for the babies. With a third boy now in the family, her parents come over every other weekend to take care of the kids and provide a greatly appreciated respite to the young parents. For her part, Marie-Ève Bernard, Xavier and Tristan’s mom, knows she can count on their grandparents to take care of the boys when they’re sick: “A runny nose or a temperature doesn’t faze them!”

Some grandparents with the means to do so also offer financial support. For example, when school starts, Ginette brings her granddaughter shopping for new clothes. Others buy diapers or contribute to an education savings plan.

“Grandpa is funny when he shows me his removable teeth!”
-Raphaël Ernwein, 3 years old

Don’t forget that your parents can also offer you emotional support. They can provide a sympathetic ear to mom during postpartum, or to dad when baby is colicky, and help ease the minds of young parents full of anxiety and doubt. “Any kind of support indirectly benefits the child, by helping parents feel more calm and less stressed,” concludes Ferland.