Grandma, grandpa, what’re we going to do?

Grandma, grandpa, what’re we going to do?
Here are some things you could do with your grandchildren…

10 activity ideas

Here are some things you could do with your grandchildren

1- Walk together in freshly fallen snow and then back up in the same footprints. Make snow angels by lying down on the snow and waving your legs and arms back and forth. Play in the snow with sand toys (shovel, bucket, etc.).

2- Pass on your passions. Diane, who loves gardening, says, “When my grandchildren come over, Xavier waters the plants. That’s his job and he’s proud of it.”

3- Make soap bubbles: a long-forgotten childhood pleasure that’s sure to delight your little angels.

4- And here’s another one: build a house of cards. Guaranteed to be a hit!

5- Cook together. Children love to knead, mix, pour, decorate, etc. And they love to eat what they’ve made. If your daughter enjoyed a certain meal when she was small, cook it with your grandson, explaining to him that this was one of his mom’s favourite meals when she was a child.

6- For your little adventure seekers, build forts in the living room with couch pillows and blankets.

7- Create masterpieces with salt dough. Mix one cup of fine salt with two cups of flour; add ◊ cup of warm water and knead with your hands. Flatten the dough with a rolling pin, cut out shapes and place them on a cookie sheet covered with aluminum foil. Cook in the oven at 125 °C for two to three hours. Allow to cool, then paint your creations.

8- Have picnics in the living room and invite some stuffed animals to join in the fun.

9- Fill up a box with dress-up clothes and accessories: hats, pants cut to the knees, old shirts, handbags, scarves, imitation jewellery, etc.

10- Read books. Xavier and Tristan love being read stories and each time they visit their grandparents, a new book is waiting for them. To add more fun to reading, adapt your voice to the character: alternate between a gruff voice and a high-pitched one, or read through certain parts more quickly and others, with hesitation, etc.