Ideas 23 to 26

Ideas 23 to 26

23. Wow!

Children love to be surprised and amazed. The tiniest little something can add “wow!” to a winter day:

  • Secretly prepare a thermos filled with hot chocolate before going outside to play with your child. Then surprise him by suggesting snack-time in the snow!
  • Draw a heart or a happy face in the frost that forms on his bedroom window.
  • When it snows, lay a black item of clothing on the ground outside and observe the snowflakes that fall onto it. Look closely: each one is unique!
  • Take advantage of power outages to have a candlelit supper or story-time.
  • Put your child’s bathrobe or socks in the dryer while he takes his bath. It will warm him up when he gets out of the tub.

24. Xoxo

Feel like kissing some freezing metal? Probably not! But if ever your child sticks his tongue on the pole at the park or on the balcony railing, here’s how to help him get unstuck. It’s actually not the skin that sticks to the metal. It’s the saliva that freezes between the metal and the tongue that forms the ice that sticks the two together. Never try to pull the child off, or you might injure his mouth. Instead pour some lukewarm water on the tongue to unstick it. No lukewarm water on hand? Try melting some snow in your hands. The water temperature will make the frozen saliva melt and let your child kiss you instead to thank you!

25. Yeti

Like all imaginary creatures, the Abominable Snowman fascinates children. Why not suggest that your toddler turns himself into a snow monster with the following craft:

You’ll need : a cardboard box, a marker, scissors and two pieces of string.

  • Take your child’s winter boots. Place them on the cardboard and draw a huge monster-size footprint around each boot.
  • Make a mark on the footprints on either side of each boot.
  • Cut the footprints out and pierce holes with the tips of the scissors where you made the marks.
  • Place a piece of string under the first cardboard footprint and thread it through the hole on the other side.
  • Tie the string over the boot.

Repeat with the other footprint and there you go: your child is ready to make monster footprints in the snow!

26. Zambonis

Zambonis, hockey games and ice rinks: in Quebec, winter is most fun on skates! You’ll find outdoor rinks in several parks. If the weather isn’t cooperating, you can also skate at the local arena. Keep an eye out for free skating times to know when you can go. If you know how to skate, your child can learn with you while holding onto a chair, for example. And if you feel like it (and have the space for it), why not build your own ice rink in your yard or the alley by your house?

  • Your child will like winter more if you enjoy it as well.
  • To make the most of the cold season, you need to be active outside.
  • Building snowmen, skating, sliding and making forts: there are tons of things to do to keep kids happy!

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Source : magazine Naître et grandir, janvier-février 2017
Rédaction : Josée Bournival

Photo : iStock/Vnosokin