Ideas 15 to 18

Ideas 15 to 18

15. Window art

To add some colour to your windows, ask your child if he wants to make a stained-glass window. He can cut or rip different-coloured tissue paper into various shapes and then stick the pieces onto wax paper or parchment paper using a blend of white glue and water applied with a paintbrush. Next, let everything dry completely on a piece of plastic film. Once dry, the “stained glass” should be rigid enough to place up against your window. Younger children can draw directly on the parchment paper with wax crayons or markers.

16. Large-scale painting

Are you getting tired of seeing white everywhere you look? Add some colour to winter with this homemade paint.

You’ll need : water, Jell-O powder, a container (vaporizer or water bottle)

Mix the Jell-O powder with some water. There are no exact ratios to follow. Just note that if your child wants to create very detailed drawings, you shouldn’t add too much water. The mixture will be thicker that way and have a more syrupy texture. Also, the less water you add, the more vibrant the final colour will be. Unlike food colourings that stain, Jell-O comes out easily in the wash. Once the powder has completely dissolved, place the mixture in a vaporizer or water bottle. Your child can then use it to “dress” a snowman or to paint something in the snow.

17. Coughing fits

Coughing isn’t a sickness in itself, but rather a means for the body to rid itself of secretions that accumulate in the respiratory tract. Since coughing can make it hard for toddlers to sleep and irritates their throats, here are some tips on how to relieve it. You can raise your child’s head in bed by placing a pillow under his bottom sheet or mattress. In this position, the secretions will accumulate less in his throat. Drinking plenty of water is also recommended, since this helps to thin out the mucus. If your child is over a year old, you can also give him some honey before bed. If coughing makes your child vomit, don’t worry: it’s not dangerous. It’s simply a side effect of the effort it takes him to cough. You should, however, consult a doctor if the cough persists for over a week.

18. Paper garland

Grandparents, aunts, family friends, teachers and educators: alongside you, other adults participate in ensuring your child’s well-being. On the Naître et grandir website, you’ll find a template to make your own paper garland featuring the most important people in your child’s life. He’ll love to put it up above his bed or to decorate another wall. You can also create your own virtual paper garland online at It’s a great way to pay tribute to the people who have helped your child grow.

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Source : magazine Naître et grandir, janvier-février 2017
Rédaction : Josée Bournival

Photos : Maxim Morin (up) et Shutterstock/Africa Studio (below)